Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

Division of Natural Sciences, Osaka Kyoiku University
Located at B4 Building, room 213

After Apr., 2020, we do not admit new member to our lab.  Thank you.

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The mission of the Environmental Microbiology Laboratory is

  1. to provide the students with the knowledge and skills basic to the microbiology and field practices, and  inculcate them with the fundamental attitudes of scientific experts who endeavor with a lifelong desire to develop a culture;
  2. to provide excellent training programs for the graduate and undergraduate students, establish continuing scientific education programs for practicing teachers, and  educate and train other environmental professionals;
  3. to make nationally and internationally recognized contributions to both basic and practical research on environmental microbiology; and
  4. to promote innovations in the environmental management and assessment strategy for the control of the environmental microorganisms in the local district as well as on the globe, and disseminate scientific information on environmental conservation to the public.


Hiroshi Hirotani
Professor/Microbiologist, limnologist

Division of Natural Sciences, Department of Arts and Sciences, Osaka Kyoiku University, 4-698-1 Asahigaoka, Kashiwara, Osaka, 582-8582, Japan

Tel./Fax. +81-729-78-3645
E-mail  hirotani@cc.osaka-kyoiku.ac.jp

Research Interests

  1. Basics of microbial indicator systems.
  2. Source tracking of fecal contamination.
  3. Riverbed biofilms.
  4. Contribution of microbial extracellular enzyme to the degradation of organic substances and circulation of phosphorus.


1990  PhD,  Agriculture, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
1987  MS, Agricultural Chemistry, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
1985  BS, Agricultural Chemistry, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

Work and Research Experience

2011 - Present, Professor, Osaka Kyoiku University
2002 - 2011, Associate Professor, Osaka Kyoiku University
1997 - 2002, Associate Professor, Ehime University
1995 - 1996, Visitor, SWES, University of Arizona
1989 - 1997, Assistant Professor, Ehime University

Publications and presentations

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